About Romaero

Company history

ROMAERO SA has been in the aircraft business for nearly 90 years, playing a key role in the development of the Romanian aircraft industry.

1920: The company was founded by Royal Decree.

1950: Specialized maintenance and repair centre for the Russian aircraft fleets at the time being owned by TAROM and by Romania’s Ministry of Defense (Lisunov Li-2, Ilyushin II-14, II-18, Antonov AN-2, AN-24, AN-26, AN-30). In parallel, Romaero manufactured the multiple purpose IAR aircraft of Romanian design (IAR-818, 821 and 822).

1968: The contract between Romaero and the UK based company Britten Norman, led to the manufacture of over 500 Islander aircraft at Romaero on an exclusive basis. Other development under this contract included the Defender 4000. As the Islander exclusvie contractor, Romaero started the implementation of Western best practices, know-how technology and quality system.

1978: Manufacturing of the BAC 1-11 aircraft begins, following the license agreement between British Aerospace and Romaero. This involved a huge investment in know-how, tools, equipment, production and personnel and the implementation of a thorough quality assurance system.

1990: A different economic and social environment required a new strategy at production level, the company embarking itself on a massive restructuring process.

1994: The contract with Boeing for the manufacture of B 737 and B 757 components has opened new business opportunities for Romaero, as a Boeing approved supplier. This contract was part of an offset arrangement between Romaero and the United Stated of America.

Since 1994 and up to the present, Romaero has largely involved itself in the manufacture of aircraft parts and sub-assemblies for various Western aircraft programs and providing aircraft maintenance and repair services to several operators.

As of 2003, Romaero is a “National Service Center for Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules” and signed a strategic partnership with Lockheed Martin and Decro for the maintenance and modernization of the Romanian MoD C-130 Hercules Fleet.